Draperies with Pleats and Grommets

Presented live, January 27, 2015

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box grommet 4

Grommet draperies are a popular style because of the simplicity and clean lines but often the flatness of this style lacks interest. In this class, you will see how to combine inverted and box pleats with grommets to create an updated look with more texture, fullness and drape.

You will learn how to draft the pleat and grommet spacing, work with pattern motifs and combine fabrics for a customized design. After this class you will be inspired to make pleated grommet draperies for your own home, and to share this new design idea with your clients!



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  1. Laura B. at Jan 29, 2015 09:53:05

    Love the print with purple inset pleats and the welt cording on the header!
    Very different and unique.

  2. Becky Gray at Feb 01, 2015 11:26:33

    Can’t wait to see this. You are so creative. Is the time on tues again,
    Becky Gray/The Drapery Lady

  3. Susan Woodcock at Feb 02, 2015 12:56:50

    Hello Becky,
    The webinar was held on January 27th. The recording and handouts are available to purchase here on the website.
    Thank you!

  4. Brenda Lewis at May 08, 2015 03:09:23

    Hey Susan, I love this treatment along with the others grommet panels. You are so creative and I love the twist you have put on the plain flat grommet panel. I missed the webinars but I have intentions of purchasing these. I appreciate that you are so attentive to every detail and don’t assume your viewer knows anything.
    Brenda Lewis

  5. Linda H. Bassert at Jan 05, 2016 03:18:24

    Susan, when you gave a seminar at the N. VA chapter of WCAA, some years ago, you showed us a grommetted panel with wrapped tuxedo pleats, instead of French pleats, between the grommets. I am looking for my photo of that panel, but cannot find it. Do you have it posted anywhere? I did not find it on your pinterest page.

  6. Susan Woodcock at Jan 05, 2016 02:10:14

    Hello Linda,
    It’s nice to hear from you! I remember showing a French pleat/grommet panel back then, but not a tuxedo pleat. hmmmm…. I’ll look back in my photos to see if I can find anything.

    Best Wishes,

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