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When Cord Free is Not an Option: Roman Shade Construction for the Small Workroom – Webinar Recording

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Professional workrooms strive to provide safe and compliant corded window coverings. If you are a sole-proprietor, and own a small workroom business, becoming knowledgeable of new products allows you to purchase specifically for your skill level, fabrication style and client expectations.

Roman shades are one of the most popular styles today, but it is easy to become confused about the different products available, and how they compare. A cord-free Roman shade is always best practice, but most cord-free options require the shade to be within easy reach which isn’t always possible, or requires a motorized system which is often out of the budget.

In this webinar presentation you will learn the basics of Roman shade construction using supplies created specifically to meet recent cord safety standards including cord shroud, ladder tape and ring-locks. You will see how each product is attached to the shade, and have a better understanding how the products control cords, eliminating a hazardous loop. Options for lift systems, cords and chains will be also be addressed.

Included in this presentation will be shade construction techniques for adding ribs or dowels to the body of the shade for structure and stability, and techniques to lessen pin-holes of light when using blackout lining.

This class was held on May 1, 2014 is is about 2 hours long. Handouts mentioned in this class were available for attendees of the live presentation who paid a higher fee to participate, and are not included when you purchase this recording.

Price $35.00

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What an attendee had to say….

Thank you Susan for your webinar on Roman shades.  What you covered in your 2 hour webinar was worth more than words can describe!

You walked us through a quick recap of the WCMA Standards, which I found invaluable for being up to date in my business practice and child safety compliance, and then proceeded to instruct us on how to construct six different corded Roman Shades using a variety of child safety complaint materials to meet the needs of each window dressing situation.

I was most excited to learn how to make a shade using blackout lining, sewing on the rings and not having any light shine through the completed shade where the needle pierces the lining,”JUST AWESOME”!  What I learned from this webinar, I will be  apply to the fabrication of Roman Shades from this point on which will result in beautiful, child safe, functioning Roman Shade for my clients!

Thank you!!!!

Susan G., Pennsylvania



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