I am excited to share a fun project that I made recently.  I call this type of sewing a V.S.P. (Very Special Project).  A baby quilt!  A gift for our friends Brad and Brandy, who are expecting their first baby.

The hardest part of this project was picking out the fabric!  I walked the aisles of Mary Jo’s Cloth Store with bolts of material in my arms and just when I thought I found the perfect combination I would see just one more fabric to love.  I finally settled on vintage look designs with little boys on bicycles and scooters, funny cats and small geometric prints.

I would not call myself a quilter.  Serious quilters have an amazing talent for sewing and patterning.  I am in awe of them.  I am more of squares and triangles patchworker.  Fast, fun and simple.

I am very good at making pretty binding.  A skill that is not from years of quilting, but from years of drapery making details.  I do love hand sewing but decided to machine stitch this quilt so it could be washed over-and-over again.  I pre-washed the quilt before wrapping it up for the baby shower.  I used cotton fabrics and batting; washing gave it a softer look.

I have made many simple patchwork patterns for home decorating, with thin batting and machine stitched quilting.  A patchwork of fabrics from a design project makes a great seat cushion, dog bed, accent pillow or valance.

Little James hasn’t arrived yet but I hope he, and his parents will enjoy this fun little quilt as much as I enjoyed making it.


Small scale prints for a small quilt











Triangles are sewn into squares and seams pressed open











Decisions…Should the red triangles face each other?











Or should the red triangles face in the same direction? This is the one HomeDecGuy liked the best and since he has a boy’s point of view it seemed like the right thing to do.


The finished quilt top is placed over cotton batting.







Quilt top, batting and backing are all machine quilted together.










Binding is sewn from the front and wraps to the back where it is pinned in place for hand stitching.










The quilt  is ready for the baby shower.










Finished quilt










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  1. Jaws at Sep 06, 2013 04:22:32

    Great job!!!! I love it!

  2. Paige Orazio at Sep 06, 2013 05:45:53

    Love it !!! I may give it a try !

  3. Lynne DePolitte at Sep 06, 2013 06:31:10

    I love making baby bedding. I will have to put all those scraps to good use. Now making PUL diapers with minky linings. They are so cute and soft. Never thought I would say that about washable diapers. You need to try those. They have these wonderful plastic snaps or velcro closures.

  4. HomeDecGal at Sep 06, 2013 07:39:34

    Lynne, There are no little HomeDecKids around here you will have to share what a PUL diaper is! I don’t have a clue. :) Sounds like I need to make one from the leftover fabrics. Thank you!

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